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Tao is a bright light! As soon as she walks in the room you are charged by her electric presence. Her teaching is infused with years of experience plus tons of compassion. Whether you are a beginning yoga student or a long-time yoga teacher, you will walk away amazed and inspired! My life has been forever changed by the precious time I’ve gotten to spend with Tao as her student and biographer. My practice is deeper and my being is more present. She has been a divine gift to me and is a gift to the world.
Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Power Living Enterprises, & Co-author, Dancing Light
Studying with Tao is one of the most enriching experiences. She generously shares her wisdom from a lifetime of practicing with students and masters from around the world. Her positioning tips and unique vinyasas will enhance your yoga, whether for an hour, a day or an entire weekend- a workshop with Tao will leave you lit up with inspiration and possibility. She is magic and it’s contagious! Om shanti.
Joanna Rajendran, Yoga Teacher & Long-Time Tao Student
When I met Tao in 1991, I was smitten with her abundance of knowledge, beauty, charm, grace and elegance.I was drawn to the wonderful world of Tao and her specialness of being. Tao has always nurtured me and that seed of yoga through her patience of overflowing spirit. She is truly an enlightened being and generously shares this experience with all who have the opportunity to study with her. Tao’s presence in my life has been one of the most influential and positive factors. Tao has more, than anyone in my life, helped me expand and blossom past the many obstacles I had placed in my life. I consider Tao to be one of the world’s foremost teachers of yoga. With all my love, I thank Tao for sharing the “Energy of Eternal Breath,” which leads to the highest level of oneness in life. I’d like all to share in the “Tao Experience.”
Arlene Towers, Yoga Teacher
My dear Tao: You are one of the most steadfast yogis I know. Your spirit is what manifests what you bring to the practice of yogasana and what you’ve brought to countless others – on and off the mat. May life continue to bless you abundantly! I will always remember the encouragement you gave me during the times it was most needed.
Sylvia Samilton-Baker, Co-President Yoga Teachers Association, Yoga Teacher
I had the fortune of meeting Tao on a trip I took to Bali in 1994, where she and Paula Heitzner were the hosts and planners of this trip. After that incredible experience, and another inspiring trip to India with her, Tao became my teacher, yogina, guru and friend, and guided me to become the yoga teacher I am today. I have been very fortunate in my lifetime, to have had many outstanding mentors. Tao is ego less and full of grace and wonder about what she does. She is an inspiration and special person who gets tremendous joy out of giving her knowledge and friendship to all of her students. She has remained so dear to be over these years. All my love and kisses to her.
Erica Eigenberg, Yoga Teacher & Managing Director/Actor, Big Apple Playback Theatre
Words are insufficient to express the gratitude and love I feel for Tao. When I first met her, although I had an established practice, I was searching for something, I knew not what. But when I took a workshop in Briarcliff some 14 years ago, I knew I had found a true master. I sent her a mash note and humbly requested that she take me on as a student. Little did I know she had throngs of admirers who were also drawn to her energy and special way of teaching. I dove in and learned more and laughed more than I had in any class I’d ever taken. Tao is fun; she is air, she is light, she is love. I know that all the days I teach, Tao will be a part of me, because her influence runs so deep. She inspired in all of us a way to ‘grow young’ and celebrate life. In an age of wanna-be’s and imitators, Tao is the real deal. Thank you for being my teacher, Tao. I love you.
Jaymie Meyer, Integral Yoga Teacher
Rarely do we encounter a constant, brilliant light; the sparkle of youth that glistens from twinkling blue eyes beckoning for the next adventure, yet also gleaming with steady compassion. This is Shri Tao. I am blessed to have met a human that embodies the true meaning of love, light, humor and grace. I humbly use you as a guide for truth.
Michelle Barge, RYT, East West Yoga, NYC - Union Square
Tao has always told me that “neti – net” – means “I am neither this nor am I that.” It also implies that we are not just that, but more than that – much more! In living her life in yoga, Tao shows me that net – net is an affirmation of the pharmacy-reviews.org boundless sphere in which our energies co-mingle in divine One-ness. Tao teaches yoga by living yoga, not only hatha yoga but bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion and love. I realized that Tao’s practice of bhakti is to love others because she sees the divine in all. By loving others, she is showing her love o the divine. I salute her beautiful practice and thank her with love for the beautiful gifts that have flowed from her practice to me and all her students. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Robert Cory, Yoga Teacher, NYC
Tao demonstrates an enormous breath and depth of knowledge and life experience with the wonderment of a child’s eyes. I feel gratitude for the blessings of her teachings.
Eva Brenish, Yoga Teacher
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