What is the Tao Brand-Legacy Project?

On November 5, 2011, Tao Porchon-Lynch asked mother-daughter development team Janie Sykes-Kennedy and Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy to collaborate with her on her life story. That resulted in two award-winning books and the Tao Brand-Legacy Project – a multi-year initiative to establish and amplify the brand and legacy of Tao so that generations to come can learn from her wisdom and be inspired by her life. After watching the overview video, experience the offerings:

  • Digital Courses – Tao’s yoga teachings including interviews on yoga and her gurus

  • Books – Tao’s autobiography, Dancing Light, and image / quote book, Shining Bright

  • Events – Check out old events and learn how to book an event inspired by Tao

Please share with as many people as possible and help us ensure that Tao continues to inspire people around the world.  All of the projects are produced by Power Living Enterprises, Inc.  Learn more and experience additional empowerment offerings.  Thank you!

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