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It’s hard to capture the essence of the “Tao experience” in mere words. What happens when you’re in her presence is the transformation of your untapped possibilities into actuality. It’s a magical alchemy achieved when her strong, positive energy unfetters the blocked potential in every cell in your body.You come to her class feeling tired by the many road blocks, large and small, that you’ve faced throughout your day. Given your lack of energy, you’re not sure you’ll even be able to replicate your yoga moves of the previous session. But once you’re in your poses and Tao, using her particular combination of encouragement and the wisdom of centuries’ old yoga techniques, shows you how to refine your stance, you suddenly move beyond your comfort zone and find yourself doing what you would have sworn you could never do. This surpassing of your self-imposed limits carries over to your world outside the yoga studio.Tao leads each student who is ready to accept her wisdom to a special place where outmoded fears are cast aside and new goals are constantly formulated. With modesty and humility, she illuminates the way by her own shining example, inspiring everyone with whom she comes into contact. Whenever I leave her presence, I’m imbued with a renewed zest for the blessing that is life.
Andrea Kurtz, Yoga Student
The word Tao has many meanings of which I know two: the law of nature and Dharma (religion). I have known Tao for the last 15 years as my yoga teacher. Besides being a great yoga master, ballroom dancer, wine judge and a woman with many other talents, she is a wonderful and loving person. My journey with Tao is an amazing, spiritual experience, because her basic teaching is energy, love and being in the moment. No words can justify the joy I experience in her presence. I like her techniques, being simple and effective. She is very open for suggestions from other teachers and students. No matter how much I write or talk about her, will not justify. I am very fortunate and honored to know her.
Baiju Mehta, Yoga Student
I never forget the moment that I touched my toes for the first time. Before Tao, I thought my toes were untouchable!
Shuichiro Takeda, Yoga Student
Tao’s knowledge is exceptional and her love is boundless. Her message “there is nothing you cannot do,” encourages me to strive and reach life goals. A hug from Tao gets me through the week!
Y. Jerry Cohen, Yoga Student
I came to Tao’s class extremely frustrated with my yoga practice, because of severe arthritis in both hips. I will need surgery soon, and each month that goes by range of motion shrinks noticeably. Tao herself, who has had hip replacement surgery, was an inspiration that I will be able to recover and move forward. Even more wonderful was her advice. “Don’t do it from your physicality. Do it from your heart and your breath.” Her advice is sustaining me as I make plans for surgery.
Sue Moss, Yoga Student
Every week Tao has us all believing that all of her students are a gift to her. All in her class know better – Tao is a gift to all of us. She has been such an inspiration to me for the past number of years. I feel very fortunate that all those Sundays ago, I was invited viagrageneric.org to try a class and then… after 90 minutes, I was hooked on this amazing woman, her method of teaching yoga, listening about her many first places in dance competition and hearing the stories about her fascinating life. Thank you, Tao.
Sandye Berger, Yoga Student
It is a privilege to be in Tao’s classes and in her presence. The air around her is joyous and vibrant. She is truly a great soul.
Judy Zingher, Yoga Student
The Provence Trip/Yoga workshop with Tao was great! Tao is an ever present inspiration and whenever I get to doubting my abilities because of my age, I think of Tao and am spurred on to keep trying. Thank you Tao and much love.
Jill Mader, Yoga Student
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