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Tao is a truly remarkable woman who embodies the qualities of a true yogi and possesses a depth of knowledge that is quite rare.
David Swenson, Acclaimed Yoga Teacher
There are three words used to express pure consciousness. The first is Satyam which means Truth. The second is Shivam which means Goodness. And the third is Sundaram which means Beauty… and she has all three.
Dr. Deepak Chopra, Prominent Alternative Medicine Advocate
When I look at her life, I think, “How can one person do it all?” and she says everyone can do it as long as you can harness the power within you!
Sushmita Sen, Former Miss Universe and Indian Film Actress
She is a very special woman and we’ve had the honor of both teaching for and with her, and have had her teachings… The people of the younger generations really have to look at a person like her who has weathered so much in her life and has come out the other side of her life still completely pure of Love and Laughter and Light.
Rodney Yee, Acclaimed Yoga Teacher
I want to BE Tao! What she has done intruehealth, who she is and the light that’s in her eyes… When you say hello to her, she is just so full of Light and Love and mischievousness… I just think she is an inspiration for women and all of mankind.
Colleen Saidman Yee, Acclaimed Yoga Teacher
Tao’s presence is a life changer for anyone who experiences her movement and wisdom. She is a living example of her own philosophy that “Anything is possible.” Yoga is the root of all eastern martial arts. It is the healing and harmony that is essential for life. Tao’s approach at 96 makes people realize that there are no excuses to make things happen in your life. Thank you Tao for being a great friend and teacher!
Sensei John P. Mirrione, Founder, Harmony By Karate and National Stop Bullying Campaign
In the Spring of 2012, Tao surprised me and showed up for a shoot in a gorgeous red dress in New York City’s Central Park, shortly before she officially entered the Guinness Book of World Records, as the oldest living yoga teacher.

Since that day, we have met every six month to create a new phentermine40mg.com portfolio of work, while she wore a new color each time. It has been one of the greatest honors of my career to have the opportunity to create images together that continuously inspire people of all ages, all over the world.

Never before have I met a brighter, lighter, warmer, sweeter, kinder human being than Tao. She has inspired countless works of art in our sacred, creative collaborations.

Robert Sturman, Photographer, Robert Sturman Studio

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