Do you want to study yoga with a master? Tao may have “danced her way to another planet” but her teachings live on in digital form.

Tao Porchon Yoga: Master Course

In-depth teachings with Tao Porchon-Lynch at 96 years old in full action including her distinct Tango Sun Salutation, Tree Vinyasa, and popular Shoulder Stand sequence. In addition to the 2 1/2 half hour workshop, there are three bonus poses, practice sessions, a posture breakdown, Tao talking about her gurus, and so much more!

Tao Porchon Yoga: Stretch & Relax

A targeted course with Tao Porchon-Lynch at 96 years old designed to release muscle tension, relax the nervous system, and renew the mind from her revitalizing Seated Stretches and calming Forward Bends to her accessible Shoulder Stand on the Wall and restorative Deep Relaxation. It is suitable for all levels.

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