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Tao Porchon-Lynch Receives Prestigious Padma Shri Award 2019

January 26, 2019 - The Government of India announced yesterday from New Delhi that 100-year-old historical icon and yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch has received the prestigious Padma Shri Award for her distinguished service.  The Padma Awards, instituted in 1954, are one of the highest civilian honors of India.

Happy 100th Birthday Tao!

The incredible Tao Porchon-Lynch turned 100 on Monday, August 13, 2018 and birthday messages came in from around the world. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest sent Tao a special shoutout from the set of Live with Kelly & Ryan. Tao was on the show in September 2017 and demonstrated some yoga moves. She then did a Facebook Live chat from the green room with the show's producer, Michael Gelman. Dr. Deepak Chopra, sent his birthday blessings and said...

Sedona Yoga Festival

February 8 - 11, 2018 - The vibrant 99-year-old yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch shared insights, taught yoga and danced at the Sedona Yoga Festival.  I was delighted to moderate two talks with Tao as well. As soon as we flew into the Phoenix Airport on Wednesday, a yoga teacher recognized Tao in the bathroom!

Tao in Hong Kong and China

December 15-22, 2017 – It is certainly a long flight from New York to Hong Kong, but it was totally worth it to join 99-year-old yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch on another one of our international jaunts. As soon as we arrived, we got massages in the room which I highly recommend after transcontinental flights!

Tao’s New Book is Out!!

November 18, 2017--Today 99-year-old yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch held her new book, Shining Bright: Quotes and Images To Inspire Optimism, Gratitude & Belief In Your Limitless Potential, in her hands for the first time. The book was previewed at the Athleta store on 18th & 5th Avenue in Manhattan as part of the Women's Entrepreneurship Day events.

Tao Porchon-Lynch at Lead With Love Aspen

October 26 – 29, 2017 – As 99-year-old yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch says, her life IS her meditation. The Lead With Love Conference in Aspen is a transformational experience into the HEART of leadership, inspiring creatives, strategists, and visionaries to lead with compassion, kindness, intentionality and reciprocity in every aspect of their

Tao at The James Hotel

October 3 & 4, 2017 - The iconic 99-year-old yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch joined The James Hotel NoMad in their wellness activation initiative. As a boutique hotel, James Hotels in New York and Chicago are making healthy living is a big part of the brand offering yoga mats and a meditation cushion in every room among other things.

Tao Shines on LIVE with Kelly & Ryan

September 13, 2017 - Yoga Master Tao Porchon-Lynch spent the morning at the ABC Networks in New York appearing on LIVE with Kelly & Ryan. This was her first time meeting Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and she was delighted! She said they were both fun and genuine.

Yoga Master Tao Porchon-Lynch Turns 99

August 13, 2017 - On Sunday, Yoga Master Tao Porchon-Lynch turned 99 and celebrated with a birthday bash at the Mansion on Broadway in North White Plains. Over 130 people from various parts of Tao's life -- yoga, ballroom dancing, wine -- came out to share the evening.

Tao Porchon-Lynch Shines Bright in India 2017 – Part 8

June 25 - 27, 2017 - After seven incredible days in Bangalore, 98-year-old yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch and I flew to Mumbai to spend time with friends, and for Tao to dance and receive a surprise award.  We also did our popular Conversation with a Master talk at a local company. It was very well-received as always. I had been to Mumbai previously for a World Economic Forum event and was delighted to be back (see series I wrote for the Gates Foundation).