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Watch Tao’s Dancing Light preview video for an overview of her life and a touch of her light. Click on the links to the right to watch videos from Events and Interviews, as well as of her Dancing.

  • Events – Tao has shared her wisdom at a variety of events from the opening panel of the Newark Peace Education Summit with His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama to doing a TEDx talk at Columbia University. Check out a few of her event videos.

  • Interviews – From the early Power Living Interview which sparked a wave of press to big media outlets like CNN, CBS, and Fox News, Tao has been covered around the world and has over 2 million YouTube views. Have a listen and be inspired!

  • Dancing – Tao has danced up a storm at Fred Astaire Dance Competitions and has won over 700 First Place Awards. Check out her footwork!

Get ready for The Tao Experience through her autobiography, Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through The Eyes of a Modern Yoga Masterand her quote book, Shining Bright: Quotes and Images to Inspire Optimism, Gratitude & Belief In Your Limitless Potential.

Come take an adventure through 20th century history, witness fearlessness in action and be inspired to craft a mindful and fulfilled “Tao-like” life!

Learn about the many branches of Tao: Yoga | Activism | Fashion | Theatre/Film | Wine | Dance

For updates, follow us on Instagram: @TaoPorchonLynchTwitter: @TaoExp, Facebook: Tao-Porchon-Lynch, Pinterest: TheTaoExperience Board.

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