You can help spread Tao’s light in a variety of ways:

Buy Books

  • Buy a few autographed Hardcover Dancing Light or Shining Bright books as special inspirational gifts.

  • Purchase a Dancing Light E-Book on Amazon even if you already have the Hardcover Book. The E-Book on Amazon debuted at #4 in Philosophy and #20 in Transformational books. Help increase Tao’s ranking by buying your electronic copy and offering glowing comments.

Social Media / Testimonials

  • Facebook – Make a comment on Facebook page (e.g. share how Tao has inspired you, your favorite quote from the book). Be sure to LIKE the page.

  • Twitter – Tweet a picture of you holding the Dancing Light or Shining Bright book. Also, follow and retweet from @TaoExp and @TaoPorchonLynch. Be sure to include this link to buy Dancing Light and this link to buy Shining Bright.

  • Instagram – Share a picture of you holding the Dancing Light and/or Shining Bright book on Instagram and write a sentence about the book. Here is Tao’s Instagram account. Please LIKE and comment on images we post on her behalf. Include the website information in your newsletter

  • Other Social Media – Share the website and Dancing Light and Shining Bright book information on other social media. For all social media, you can use hashtags #DancingLight, #ShiningBright, #TaoExp, #TaoPorchonLynch, #ThisIs100.

  • Newsletter – Include the Dancing Light and Shining Bright book and website information in your newsletter.

  • Testimonials – Submit a testimonial on Tao (e.g. how she has inspired you) and/or a picture for our upcoming gallery.

Media Coverage

  • Write an article or blog posting on Tao

  • Interview Tao for your media outlet


  • Host a launch event, yoga workshop and/or book signing at your venue

  • Facilitate Tao’s involvement in major events (e.g. conferences, festivals, parades) in your area or network

Outreach / Information

  • Distribute marketing materials in your area and/or to your constituents

  • Outreach to your local wellness centers, yoga studios, dance studios, retirement communities, faith communities, women’s groups, book clubs

  • Outreach to specific communities related to Tao’s story (e.g. Indian, French, Jewish) for book readings/events

  • Identify youth ambassadors who could outreach to college clubs (e.g. yoga, dance, history, Indian, French)

  • Provide information on/contacts for major or independent (e.g. health, spirituality) bookstores in your area

  • Provide information on any other opportunity that will expand Tao’s reach

Ready To Get On Board?

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you can support The Tao Experience. Email questions and/or items (e.g. testimonials, pictures) to We want to make 2018 THE BEST YEAR EVER FOR TAO!!

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