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What organizations or groups do you know could benefit from Tao’s wisdom and light? How many libraries are there in your area that could benefit from Dancing Light? How many students at your local high school, college or university could be fascinated by Tao’s story? How many senior centers, retirement homes or hospitals do you know that could use a great book of inspiration?

Help spread Tao’s light by donating books. You select a place or allow us to choose. For example, you could “adopt a class” to receive the books. Tao’s story can be applicable to a variety of departments, such as Philosophy, History, Religion, Women’s Studies, Peace & Activism Studies and more. The books will be delivered in your name to the organization and you will receive a volume discount.

Dancing Light – Hardcover Book Donations

Share Tao’s light and wisdom by donating Dancing Light Hardcover Books to others. Hardcover Books may be good for:

– Libraries
– College Organizations
– Veterans Centers / Organizations
– Senior Centers / Retirement Homes

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Dancing Light E-Book Donations

Share Tao’s light and wisdom by donating Dancing Light E-Books to others.  E-books may be good for:

– High Schools
– Universities
– Travel Clubs
– Large Groups of Employees

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These book donations will inspire others AND part of the proceeds will go to support “The Tao Experience” – a multi-city tour to reach more people around the world and capture one-of-a-kind footage for Tao’s documentary, There Is Nothing You Cannot Do. Read more about The Tao Experience. Spread the light!

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